Life Made Simple Podcast

Episode #242: The Art of Downsizing Art (ENCORE EPISODE)

We’re right in the middle of the back to school season. If you’re a parent of a school aged child like me, your home is probably already getting flooded with drawings, paintings, hand prints, coloring pages and worksheets.

On our last episode of Life Made Simple I gave you a handful of organizing tips and routines to help the school year go more smoothly for you and your family. And for today’s episode, we take a look at how we can celebrate our children’s artwork without drowning in it…

Episode #241: Back To School Made Simple (ENCORE EPISODE)

Back to school season is in full swing! If you’re a parent who is drowning in the back to school chaos and craziness, then this show is for you.

On this special Encore Episode, I share with you some of the organizing tips and routines that we’ve implemented in our own family that can help get the school year off to a good start for you and your family.

Keep in mind, while the tips and strategies I give you are mainly geared towards children in elementary school, you can still get a lot from this episode even if you have older kids.

Episode #240: Rally Your Friends To Help You Get Organized

We all face different roadblocks and challenges when trying to organize and simplify our home. And sometimes it’s hard to face those challenges alone.

For today’s episode of Life Made Simple, I share with you how I’ve rallied some of my closest friends to start a mini clutter challenge group. It can be so amazing to have accountability, support, and encouragement when trying to reach certain goals in life…

Episode #239: How To Simplify Your Brain When It Gets Complicated (ENCORE EPISODE)

As humans, our minds are complicated. Our brains and all the complex thoughts that come in and out of them are very complicated.

As I try to simplify my home, my schedule and all other areas of my life, I want to also figure out how to simplify my crazy complicated mind.

On this episode of Life Made Simple I share with you some fascinating information about our brains that I recently found in an amazing article…

Episode #238: Transform Your Kids Into Healthy Eaters

When I was a new mom, I was convinced that my child was going to eat anything I put in front of him. I was determined that he would never be a picky eater and would love eating vegetables. I loved healthy foods when I was a kid, so why wouldn’t he?

Well, unfortunately, Levi has an aversion to most anything green. And he would easily eat cake and ice cream for every meal if I let him! So I’ve definitely had to learn how to get really strategic to insure he eats a well balanced diet.

Episode #237: How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Food

After trying an extreme diet for many months, I learned there is sooooo much psychology behind food choices and nutrition.

While making those major changes, I also had to become more aware of my relationship with food… which can be pretty complicated at times. Can you relate?