Life Made Simple Podcast

Episode #256: How To Reclaim Your Time And Get More Done

As you know, right now there is an emerging health crisis that most of us are affected by in some way or another. Life can be so unpredictable. And uncertainty can be stressful. Dwelling over negative circumstances can be productive when we’re trying to solve problems or process emotions. But sometimes our negative thoughts can get the best of us. On today’s episode of Life Made Simple, I give you some ideas on how to overcome negative thinking patterns…

Episode #255: How To Reclaim Your Time And Get More Done

Do you have a huge project on your to-do list that you really want to complete? You’re committed and motivated, yet somehow it never gets done? I’m guessing it never gets done because you continually run into the same roadblock… over and over again. This roadblock, for many people, is time.

Episode #254: Where To Put Worn Clothes That You Want To Wear Again

In our home, it’s a huge crime to toss practically clean clothes into the laundry basket. But what do you do with worn clothes that aren’t dirty and can be worn again?

For most families, “half-clean” clothes tend to pile up on the floor, get tossed on chairs, and wadded up on dressers…

Episode #253: Simplify Your Home With These 17 Decluttering Questions To Ask Yourself

Clutter can be so exhausting… especially when trying to get rid of it.

Parting with things that you have an attachment to, for some people (including myself), can be really hard. In our culture we’re encouraged to buy more and do more. We all grew up acquiring things, but most of us were never taught how to let things go…

Episode #252: Change Your Life With This One Simple Belief

The beliefs you have about yourself and the world (which are sometimes subconscious) naturally affect your thoughts… which affect your feelings… which affect your behavior and your actions.

So, to put it simply, your deep ingrained beliefs determine…