Episode #1: Introducing the Life Made Simple Podcast


EP1 - Introducing the Life Made Simple Podcast

Since episode #0 was an introduction to who I am and what I do, this quick and brief episode is meant to give you an introduction to the Life Made Simple Podcast, what it’s all about, and what to expect in future episodes.

While simplicity is the Life Made Simple Podcast’s theme, the categories that we’re going to talk about are going to be all areas of life:

  • Home (de-cluttering all rooms of your house, including paper piles)
  • Time (managing all your to-dos and how to schedule them)
  • Health (diet, exercise, and even weight-loss goals)
  • Relationships (marriage, parenting, friendships)
  • Mind (your mood, attitudes, outlooks, values, negative vs. positive thinking and so on).

The goal of this podcast is to explore the idea of finding simplicity in all areas of our life.  During future episodes, we’ll be talking about and learning together how to let go of what’s holding us back from being who we want to be and focus on only the things that bring us true happiness.

You can expect to hear a brand new episode every Monday morning. Those episodes will cover certain topics such as how to un-clutter your house, how to build better will power, what to do about people in your life that bring you stress, the best way to manage your to-do list, how to schedule exercise into your life.  These are just a few examples of topics that we’ll be covering.

Every once in awhile, the Monday morning episode will be called “CarlaRae Confesses”. During those episodes I’ll be confessing and talking about certain areas of my own life that I need extra help in… areas of my life that I need to simplify.

Every once in awhile we’ll be having a special “Ask CarlaRae” episode. During those episodes I’ll be answering questions that you, my listeners have for me. If you ever have a topic that you want me to cover, or a problem that you want my help solving, or if you just need some ideas to help simplify certain areas of your life, feel free to submit your questions and comments on my website.

Just go to CarlaRaeArneson.com/askcarlarae. Or you can email me directly at AskCarlaRae@CarlaRaeArneson.com

Down the line, we’re also planning to have a few guest speakers and interviews for our Monday morning episodes. Which I’m really excited about! So stay tuned for those.

In addition to the Monday morning episode that we release, the Life Made Simple Podcast will also be featuring a “3-Minute Thursday” episode. Every Thursday morning I will give you a quick and brief dose of inspiration and motivation to keep you going through the end of your week.

Links Mentioned on the Show:

Free Guide:  “9 Ways to Simplify Your Life”   (CarlaRaeArneson.com/freeguide)

Submit Questions: CarlaRaeArneson.com/AskCarlaRae

Share this Episode: CarlaRaeArneson.com/episode1

Full Transcript of this Episode: CarlaRaeArneson.com/transcript1

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