Episode #2: Why Is Change So Hard?


EP2 - Why Is Change So Hard

As a Professional Home Organizer and lifestyle coach, it is not only my job, but it is my passion to help people make changes in their lives and homes to become happier and healthier. I’ve always considered myself to be an advocate for change. But, unfortunately, change isn’t easy – for any of us – even if it’s for the good.

In this episode of Life Made Simple – Episode#2 I plan on taking a look at exactly WHY it is so hard to make good changes in our lives.

All of us in our lives have something that we wish would be different… something that we wish would be better.  We all have bad habits that we wish we could change. It could be something regarding family, like maybe you want to be more patient as a parent or be a better spouse. Or maybe you want to make a change in your home, like get it more organized, keep a  cleared off kitchen counter, or keep up with your laundry. Maybe the change you want has something to do with your career. Or even your finances. Maybe you want to stop wasting money and start saving for a down payment. Or maybe the change you want has to do with your health; you want to eat better, exercise more, maybe lose a few pounds.

Whatever it is, we all have something in our life that isn’t as good as we had hoped for or expected, something that we want to change for the good.

If you had the opportunity to make something better in your life, why wouldn’t you take it? If you had the control to improve your life in any way, why wouldn’t you take the necessary steps to do so?

Why? Well, because CHANGE IS HARD. But why is it so hard to make changes in our lives if it helps us to be happier or healthier or more successful?

It’s because of this simple truth: in order for a person to change, the pain and discomfort of their current situation needs to surpass the perceived discomfort of making the change.

Tune in to the full episode to hear exactly what this means and how it applies to you.

We also go over the 7 questions you need to ask yourself that can guide you to the path of making a lasting change in your life.

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