Episode #3: How to Stay Motivated to Make Lasting Changes


EP3 - How to Stay Motivated to Make Lasting Changes

This is Part 2 to last week’s episode, “Why Is Change So Hard?” If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go back and listen it first. During that show we explore the reasons why it can be so hard to make good changes in our lives, even when we know that the change we want to make will help us to be happier people.

Reaching goals that we want to accomplish, whether it be de-cluttering, weight loss, maybe a new career path – everything that we know we want or need to do in order to have a life that’s fuller, happier, healthier –  they all take work and effort, and discipline… and if we think or know that the effort and work is going to be hard, we tend to default to not make the change, stay the way we are, stuck in the same old bad habits, because sometimes it just feels easier. Because change is sometimes scary and hard.

In that episode (#2), we also talked about questions to ask yourself to figure out if all the hard work to make a change for the good in your life is worth it or not. Yes, de-cluttering your house takes so much time and emotional energy, but living in a simple cleaned out space might be worth it. Eating healthier and making exercise a real priority takes a lot of self discipline and hard work. But being at a healthy weight and having more energy might just be worth it all. Going back to school to finally have a shot at your dream job, might be tedious, but it could be sooo rewarding. But you must first DECIDE to make the changes needed to move in the right direction. You must DECIDED that it’s worth it.

Now once you’ve come to the realization that you WANT to change. That you SHOULD change. Well then, now what?!?

And that’s what today’s episode is all about. If you’ve decided to make a change in your life, if you decide to take the first step that you know you need to make to get to where you want to be, how do you stay motivated to continue making step after step after step to push through the hard times and enormous effort it might take? How do you stay motivated?

Key Points:

  • You have the choice to change.
  • You are in more control of your future than you realize.
  • You are capable.
  • Make a game plan and honor it.
  • Be realistic with the process.
  • Take baby steps.
  • Don’t look back once you start to move forward.
  • Embrace the discomfort that comes with change.
  • Develop good discipline.
  • Strengthen your willpower muscle.
  • Focus on the end result.
  • Remind yourself that it will be worth it.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Reach out for help and support from loved ones, experts, and coaches.


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