Episode #4: “3 Minute Thursday” Quick Tip on How to Get Things Done


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This is our very first “3 Minute Thursday” episode of the Life Made Simple Podcast!

What do you have on your to-do list right now that you’ve been avoiding because it just makes you cringe? Any daunting awful chores that you keep putting off, but you KNOW they really need to get done? Maybe it’s a pile of dirty laundry, a sink full of dirty dishes, or days worth of mail to sort through.

On today’s brief episode, I introduce you to a simple solution that might help: a timer. Just a simple timer… maybe an old kitchen egg timer, a stop watch, or even just a simple app on your phone.

While it does seem really simple – and I’m sure you’ve heard of this technique before – setting a timer to tackle certain chores can help keep you focused, motivated and targeted on the individual task at hand.

I also mention a book written by Francesco Cirillo called the Pomodoro Technique. The book pretty much offers a method in which you take a series of 25 minute work sessions with 5 minute breaks. He calls those “pomodoros”, which means tomato in Italian because the egg timer that he used in college was in the shape of a tomato.  After 4 pomodoros, you then take a longer 15-30 minute break.

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