Episode #5: Top Organizing Strategies and Secrets Revealed!


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This week’s episode focuses on simplifying and organizing your home. If you don’t already know, I have been a professional home organizer for over 15 years in Seattle… and I’ve seen it all! I’ve worked with so many different kinds of people. I’ve worked with packrats, hoarders, even minimalists, people from different countries and cultures, different backgrounds and careers, families, the elderly, children, bachelors, even a rocket scientist!

And through it all, I’ve learned that everyone is sooooo different, with different personalities, different preferences, and different temperaments. I’ve really had to come up with various action plans and solutions to custom fit each family and individual. But, even though my organizing sessions are different depending on the unique client I have that day, there are still a handful of tips and tricks that are tried and true… strategies that I consistently use with everyone.

It’s those top tips and tricks that I talk all about in this show. I also reveal the “5 Steps to Organizing Your Home” that I use with each of my clients to organize just about any space of their homes.

Key Points:

  • Organizing takes TIME.
  • You have to schedule adequate time to tackle any organizing project.
  • Start in one room, preferable an “easy to organize” space for instant gratification.
  • The space may look worse before it gets better, which is ok… sorting can be messy!
  • FOLLOW THROUGH and finish with one space before moving on to another.
  • Organizing is all about CATEGORIES.
  • Follow my “5 Steps to Organizing Your Home” to tackle any area of your house.
  • Once you completely organize one room, don’t let clutter from a disorganized room creep into the clean space!


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