Episode #10: Can You Really Have Too Much of a Good Thing?


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At some point in your life, I’m sure you’ve heard some sort of version of the famous saying, “You can never have too much of a good thing.” But, can you? Can you have too much of a good thing?

Think about it… Can you have too much money? Can you have too much fun? Too much kindness? Too much time? Now I’m sure if we were to really analyze and apply this statement to all areas of life, we could come up with pros and cons to both sides of the argument. But then this episode would take hours… and since it’s a “3 Minute Thursday” Episode, we don’t have that kind of time.

Today, we take a quick look at applying this phrase to only one area of your life… my question for you is: Can you really have too much of a good thing when it comes to special things in your home. Before you think of your opinion on the matter, listen to the quick story I share that will hopefully give you a little different perspective that you might not have considered before.

You see, when you have too many good things they can devalue the great things. Sometimes, you need to let go of some of the good things in your home for the sake of giving more value to the extra special things that you love.


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