Sometimes, life is hard. There are many days, sometimes weeks, and even seasons in my life when I feel unmotivated and uninspired. And it doesn’t feel good.

But the problem is, when you feel like that, when you’re in the middle of feeling “blah”, it’s even harder to work your way out of it.

Sometimes, in those moments, I just don’t care. I don’t want to tackle my to-dos. I don’t want to work. I don’t feel like doing my best or being my best. In fact, I don’t feel like doing anything.

In those moments, it’s easy to feel almost complacent and even lazy. And you know what, it’s ok to have those kinds of days. But when those inevitable seasons last longer than I’d like them to, I want to flip a switch and somehow snap out of it.

On today’s episode of Life Made Simple, I share with you one strategy that I’ve used in my own life to help battle your “blahs”.


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