We’ve all done it before… we find the next miracle product that promises amazing results. We use it. We then discover that it’s not as amazing as we thought it would be. But since we’ve already used part of it, we don’t want to “waste” it. We feel guilty about spending money on it, so we keep it. We then stash it in the back of a drawer or in a cabinet. Or even worse, we leave it out somewhere to collect dust in hopes that it will strike our fancy again one day. But it never does.

Or sometimes we just keep using the product, even if we don’t like it, even if it doesn’t do what we were hoping it would do.

We all have those half-used products sitting around our home. We hang on to them because we feel guilty and we don’t want to be wasteful.

In this episode of Life Made Simple, I challenge you to let go of those products (and your good intentions of one day using them) once and for all.


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