On this show, I not only want to give you tips, techniques, and action plans on HOW to organize your home, but I also want to help equip you with the mindsets that you need in order to make it all happen… because, like I’ve mentioned many times before, when it comes to home organizing, there is so much psychology behind it all.

For last week’s episode I shared a question from a listener who is wanting to tackle a huge home organizing project. She wanted my thoughts on how she should tackle the enormous project while still keeping up with her daily to-dos.

I loved this question! Because it’s a dilemma we all face at some point in time. And not just with organizing projects. I’m sure there are other projects and goals that you’ve wanted to accomplish, yet they seem so daunting. They’re time consuming. And it all feels so overwhelming.

Like I explained last week. Time and feelings of overwhelm tend to be two of the most common setbacks that many of my clients face when trying to simplify.

For last week’s Part 1 episode, I gave you some of my thoughts on the factor of time, specifically how to make time for the project while still staying current with you daily to-dos.

For today’s Part 2 episode, I focus on the feelings of overwhelm that we all naturally have when facing a huge daunting project.


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