Episode #21: Here’s Your Closet Clean-Out Action Plan!



Are you ready for this?!? I’m going to give you an action plan to help you clean out one of the most dreaded areas of your home. Your closet!

For most of the country, we’re right now in the middle of Fall. The weather is changing, and therefore, so is your wardrobe. It’s getting colder and wetter outside. Goodbye sunshine, hello rain clouds!

Although I’m really resistant to it, it’s time to put away our capri pants, tank tops, and those white leather wedges. While the temperature lowers, I’m sure those warm snuggly sweaters and cute high boots are starting to call you name.  You might even be drooling over the clothing catalogs that have somehow found their way into your mailbox, showcasing the newest winter trends. But before you go shopping for some new digs, take the time to clean out your closet!

Cause, no matter where you live in the country – or world – and no matter what time of year it is, the changing of the season is the PERFECT time to clean out and update your closet.

Unfortunately, for some people, especially those who haven’t done it for awhile, it can be VERY overwhelming.

Now, I can honestly talk for hours on this subject, but I don’t have that kinda time. So today, I briefly give you a few ideas that can help inspire and motivate you to tackle that dreaded closet. In this episode, I give you a closet overhaul action plan that will help make your closet organizing simple and easy.


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