Episode #26: Do You Have A “Victory List”?



Most of us have to-do lists… lists of things that we intend to get done either today, this week, or hopefully sometime soon.  In addition to a to-do list, many of us should also have an ignore list to keep us focused and on track (like I explained in Episode 24).

But have you ever considered having a victory list?

The fact is, life can be so crazy sometimes.  Do you ever feel like you’re being pulled into hundred directions?  Do you ever feel like your  to-do list is just never ending?  There are some days and I feel like I’d add more tasks to my to-do list, than I actually get crossed off.  It can be so overwhelming sometimes!

Unfortunately, for many people, when they feel overwhelmed by too much to do, they then get discouraged.  Sometimes it’s easy to want to avoid your to-do list all together.

On today’s episode, I explain exactly why you should have a “Victory List” and how you can make one.


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