Episode #27: PART 2 – How Can I Help My Child Let Go of Stuff? (Ask CarlaRae)



Now I have to give you a heads up, today’s episode is a Part 2 to last week’s regular Monday episode, Episode #25. It was a special Ask CarlaRae segment where I addressed a question that I received while speaking at a Mom’s group recently. The question was, “How can I help my child let go of stuff?”

If you missed that episode, you might wanna push pause on this one and go back to listen to it.  You can find it on my website at CarlaRaeArneson.com/episode25.  Or just go to LifeMadeSimplePodcast.com.

Sometimes, kids have really hard time letting go of the toys and clothes that they grow out of.  Like I explained in last week’s episode, I have ALOT of personal experience in regards to this subject.  Not only was I a pack rat as a child, but I now have a 6 year old son who is also a pack rat.

There’s just so much psychology behind why we hang on to things when we shouldn’t.  And by understanding that psychology, you can better help guide your child to get to a point where there are comfortable letting things go.  But it definitely takes time and a lot of patience!

So in last week’s episode I give you some tips and techniques on how and where to help your child donate their unused and unwanted toys, books, and clothes.  But many of you are going to find that no matter what you say or do, your child is still going to have a really hard time letting things go.

So what can you do if your child just refuses to let go of anything? What can you do if your child is a true packrat?

Well, that’s what I talk about on today’s Part 2 episode. I am give you some very specific strategies on how to help your child let go of things if they tend to be overly attached. 

And then, whether your child is a packrat or not, I’m going to give you some tips on how to prevent the clutter from coming back into your child’s room.


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