Episode #28: Clean Out Your Fridge & Pantry



In one week, all across America, family and friends will join together to celebrate one of the most beloved holidays: Thanksgiving. And how do we celebrate our thankfulness? We cook up a glorious feast, of course!

With Turkey Day – ahem – I mean Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, it’s time to make room for one thing that I know we can all be thankful for… leftovers! That’s right, it’s time to clean out your fridge and make room for a whole bunch of tupperware containers filled with leftover Thanksgiving dinner!

Sadly, Americans waste roughly 14 percent of their food purchases. All too often, food items get buried and forgotten about, particularly in refrigerators. My challenge to you this week is to spend a few minutes taking inventory of all your food items in your fridge, in your cupboards, and even pantry.

On today’s episode, I give you some ideas of how to do just that. I also give you a helpful website you can refer to when figuring out what to toss, as well as a website that can give recipe suggestions to use up some of the food that’s been sitting around too long.


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