Episode #29: CHALLENGE – Be A Force For Good With Contagious Kindness



Today, I’m keeping it real. I know that this week is Thanksgiving, which is traditionally our time to give thanks and gratitude for all that we have in life. But if you really stop and think about it, do we really always feeling so grateful and thankful?

Just because we take the time to show our thanks during this annual holiday (and we really do intend to show our gratitude) it doesn’t mean we actually do. Are we really counting our blessings? Or are we just kinda going through the motions?

The fact is, it’s the end of the year, Christmas is only a month away, some of us are still recovering from the craziness of Halloween. In my family, I’m not totally sure what even happened to the month of October… it was just totally gone before I knew it was even there.

Then there were the recent elections. And oh my goodness, talk about craziness!

At this time of year, we tend to glance back at how this past year has treated us… we ponder all the ups and downs that we’ve been through. And you know, if you look around some people are really struggling right now. You might be one of them.

Life can be so stressful! To-do lists are never ending and there’s always a fire to put out or a problem to solve. Some of you may be struggling with finances, your job, or relationships.

If we were honest with ourselves, it’s sometimes just too easy to get caught up in our hectic lifestyle, that we end up missing all the good in our lives. We INTEND to be thankful, especially on Thanksgiving, but sometimes it’s hard.

So, during this traditional season of Thankfulness, how can we take our focus off of our problems in life? How can we take time to focus on the good in life? How can we genuinely and authentically feel thankful?

Well, I have a challenge for you today. Tune in and listen to today’s episode and I’ll tell you all about it!


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