Episode #30: Get Ready For Small Business Saturday!



So, what is Small Business Saturday? Well, in 2010 American Express invented it as a shopping holiday to support small businesses. In the last few years, not only has Congress officially sanctioned it as a national day, but it has completely evolved into a “shop local” movement that gives retailers nationwide a considerable sales lift.

Now I know when you have shopping to do with a long list of presents to buy, it’s tempting to take the easy route and head down to the mall and shop at one of the big chain stores. And I’m definitely not against doing that sometimes.  But why not shop small every once in awhile?

There’s really no denying that small businesses are essential for healthy local economies. Did you know there are currently 28 million American small businesses, which account for 54% of all U.S. sales?  But unfortunately, they can at times get overshadowed by major corporations and Black Friday madness. Especially since Mom-and-pop shops don’t have the resources to pull off million-dollar promotions.

So why buy from small businesses? Well, not only can they offer one-of-a-kind unique products and services, but they usually have exceptional customer service that many big companies often don’t have.

By shopping small, you also get access to experts in the industry. I know from experience, that small business owners have sacrificed time, money, and more to build businesses out of their passions. They want to offer you their expertise. You technically have a better chance at getting knowledgeable answers to any questions you might have about the products or services.

Also, buying small means supporting your local community… circulating money in the same locality helps that community thrive.

American Express has created an amazing interactive map to help shoppers locate small businesses right in their neighborhood. The map can be used to search by business name or ZIP code. Shoppers can also filter the search based on dining, shopping, entertainment, travel or services. I’ll include a link to the map in my show notes for this episode.

And remember, you don’t have to limit your support for small businesses to just one day a year. Try shopping and dining at small businesses as often as you can. And keep in mind, there are many online small businesses as well.


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