Episode #36: How To Honor What You Collect



What do you collect? Coins, baseball cards, antiques, bottle caps, beer cans, comic books, miniatures, postcards, hats, spoons, stamps, thimbles, cookie cutters, teddy bears, frogs, action figures, concert tickets, magnets, or PEZ dispensers… the list goes on and on.

Whatever the collection, in my 15 years of being a Professional Home Organizer, I’ve seen it all! Some are very valuable and worth a large chunk of change and other collections are simply for fun or nostalgia.

The question is: Where is your collection? Do you keep it buried in a box in the basement? Or, worse, is it piled all over your guest bedroom, master closet, or home office cluttering up your usable space? Either way, how can you really appreciate what you have if it’s buried or becoming a burden?

My challenge to you is to find a fun and clever way to display all or a part of your collection. It doesn’t necessarily need to be out for everyone to see. Albums of paper objects can be stored on bookshelves. If your collection is too big, consider exhibiting a few items, storing the rest, and then seasonally rotating.

Then again, maybe you’ve decided that you don’t really want those hundreds of beanie babies that you used to love so dearly, or whatever collection you have that you’re not as passionate about anymore. Maybe it’s time to consider moving on and letting go. Some collections can be sold or donated. If it’s too hard to get rid of them, only keep a handful of your favorites as a keepsake and let go of the rest. No sense keeping all of them if the collection is not cherished the way it used to be.

Remember, when it comes to simplifying your home and your life, you need to focus and hang on to what really matters, and somehow let go of the rest!

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