Episode #45: PART 2 – How Do I Let Go Of Gifts I Don’t Really Want? (Ask CarlaRae)


This episode is a part two to last week’s Monday show, episode #43.  If you haven’t listened to that entire episode yet, go back and push play on that episode.  You’ll definitely not want to miss anything from part one of this show!

Whether it’s something that you just already have too many of, something that’s just not your taste, something you simply just don’t have room for, something you might never use, something that maybe you loved long ago but not anymore, or something that was once treasured by a family member that you are now inheriting… whatever it is, when you receive a gift that you don’t really want and you don’t really need, it can bring out so many uncomfortable awkward feelings!

In last week’s episode, I gave you some ideas on how to navigate those feelings that naturally come up sometimes.  I explained that you can simply put all your focus on the ACT of giving rather than the actual gift itself, by showing your appreciation for the efforts and thought behind the gift.

I then gave you all my thoughts of whether or  you should keep unwanted gifts.  And to sum it up, yes, you should let go of gifts that you no longer like, need, or use.

Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, no. We all know it’s a little more complicated than that. When you decide to exchange or return the item, you donate it, or even re-gift it, what do you do with the residual feelings of guilt that you’re left with once the unwanted thing is out of your life? Even if you end up replacing it with something you really want, your mind is probably inevitably going to be invaded by a bunch of uncomfortable feelings. You feel bad that the person spent time, energy and money buying the thing. You might feel sad that they thought you’d like it and that you don’t. You feel nervous that they’ll wonder why they never see you wearing it, or using it, or why it isn’t on display somewhere in your house. Then you feel even more nervous trying to figure out what to say if they should ever ask about it.

Which is exactly what I talk about on today’s part two episode. We look at whether or not you should tell the person that you’re letting the gift go, and what you can do if the gift giver has hurt feelings about it all. Then, I give you some ideas on how to prevent unwanted gifts from coming into your home in the first place and how YOU can be a better gift giver yourself.

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