Episode #48: How To Consistently Take Your Vitamins And Supplements


While I am a professional home organizer, I’m here to talk about gaining control of not just your home, not just your time and to-dos, but also your attitude and outlook on life, your relationships, and so even your health… because a healthier you is a happier you!

And on today’s episode, I give you a few quick tips on how to help simplify one aspect of your health: your vitamins and supplements.

So often, when I’m helping clients manage their homes and their schedules, the topic of vitamins and supplements come up. Many of my clients have certain vitamins – and sometimes even special medicines – that they intend to take every day, but for some reason they find that it’s really hard to get in the habit of taking them consistently.

My family and I used to struggle with this a lot a few years ago, until I figured out a little system that works well for us. And that’s what I share with you today.



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