Episode #52: Learning That Sometimes You Need To Say “No”


All of us, of course, want to flourish and be successful in every aspect of our life. Right? Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is a common misconception that in order to be a better people, in order to BE more, we need to DO more.

And the result? Well, we spread ourselves thin and then wonder why we aren’t more productive.

What if, instead of resolving to do more with our time, we try to do less? What kind of a positive effect could that have on us? Maybe we need to focus our energy into taking things off our plate rather than putting more things on.

We all must come this realization: while many ideas and opportunities that cross our path charm us with their novelty, they are actually the arch-enemy of achieving our goals and dreams. New ideas and pursuits can sometimes be beneficial to us, but many times are just distractions that steer us off-course.

So, how do we say “no” when we’re faced with a variety of tasks that look appealing but might actually pull us in the wrong direction? Well, that’s exactly what I talk about on this episode of Life Made Simple.


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