I want to help you simplify your life. I am here to give you strategies, tips, and action plans on how to organize your home. BUT… not only do I want to help get you organized, I want to help you to STAY organized, as well.

Getting organized is only half the battle. Maintaining an organized home is just as important, and sometimes just as challenging.

There are a handful of valid reasons as to why people can’t seem to maintain an organized space. One reason is that bad habits are hard to break and good habits are hard to form. Another is that picking up and maintaining a clean home simply takes time that some people aren’t willing to commit to on a daily basis.

But then there’s another reason why it can be so hard to keep your home organized. It’s the fact that chaos can be contagious! Chaos and clutter can easily spread. And if you’re not careful, no matter how well you organize one room, the chaos from another room can easily re-infect it again.

Have you ever experienced what I’m talking about? You organize your dining table; you clear it off and it’s nice and clean, so you move onto the next space. But then, by the following week, a whole new species of clutter has returned to the cleared table.

Clutter moves from room to room to room. It just rotates around the house. And no matter how good your de-cluttering efforts may seem, your simply chasing your tail in an endless loop!

Like I’ve said in previous episodes, success is dependent on about 20% strategy and 80% psychology. So today, I want to give you one mindset for success to help you keep your house clean, clutter free, and organized. It’s a very unique technique that you may not have ever heard of before. And it’s one that I insist that all my clients learn.


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