Recently, one of our listeners reached out to me with an issue that she’s been struggling with and she wanted some advice.

Abby from Columbus, Ohio struggles with having too many ideas and projects that she really wants to pursue yet she knows that there are just not enough hours in the day do them all. She feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to let go of some of those really good ideas.

Well Abby I can completely relate and I’m sure that many other listeners struggle with the same issue.

I have a confession… I am a collector of ideas. And they are all GOOD ideas. Recipes I want to try, craft projects I want to do with my son, house projects that I really want to complete. I have paper files, pictures on my computer, and websites that I’ve bookmarked full of ideas that I’ve collected over the years. And don’t get me started on all the fun stuff I have pinned on Pinterest… we all know that website is dangerous for an idea collector!

Then there are business ideas, goals, and dreams… I have a hundred of them waiting in the wings for when I finally have time to pursue them all. It seems that there is always another opportunity to chase or a new idea that sounds exciting.

Now, you would think that being a collector of GOOD ideas is a GOOD thing… but in many ways, it’s not.

Tune in to this quick and brief episode about my struggles with having too many good ideas and good intentions.

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