Last month my 6 year-old son, Levi and I were glancing through a special keepsake box from my childhood (which is kinda fun to do every once in awhile). In the box he discovered an old VHS tape. Remember those? Levi immediately asked, “What is that Mommy?!?”

I explained that a VHS tape is how we used to watch movies before DVDs came out. And I remember very clearly when DVDS began to replace those huge clunky VHS tapes… it was amazing! We all couldn’t believe that a movie could be somehow squeezed onto a thin little disk.

Well, now-a-days, we have access to movies through the internet and through services like Netflix and Hulu. VHS tapes are now pretty much extinct, and from the looks of it, DVDs are one day soon going to be considered an endangered species.

With everything being so digital, most people don’t even buy DVDs anymore. And in fact, many people I know are actually downloading and transferring all their DVDs onto portable hard drives on their computers that they can stream to their tvs, and then they let go of the disk.

But what about those of us who just aren’t quite ready to give up those DVDs? My family watch most movies through our DVD player which has access to the internet. But we do still have some classic movies that we own that I’m just not ready to part with yet.

Last month I did some research to figure out the best way to store all our DVDs so that wouldn’t take up so much room. On today’s episode I talk about two of those solutions.


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