For today’s quick and brief episode we’re going to talk about healthy eating. More specifically, I’m going to give you some really easy, real food meal ideas.

Yes, real food. It’s a term that’s tossed around a lot these days. But what exactly is “real food”? While there is no official definition for the term, after looking around on a few real food blogs I found that there is a general consensus for what it means.

Real food is wholesome and nourishing. It is simple, whole food. Pure and unadulterated, sustained yet unchanged by man.

It’s food made simple. It’s clean eating.

Sometime in the next few months we’ll plan on having a longer full length episode on the topic of real food. But for now, on today’s episode I give you some quick and easy meal ideas that involve real food in the microwave… because when it comes to cooking, how much quicker can you get?!?


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