You know I love talking about how to simplify and declutter your house. As a professional home organizer, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people let go of all the clutter laying around their homes… all the stuff that eventually sucks up their space, their time, and energy.  I want to help people exchange all the unnecessary physical clutter in their homes for serenity, peace and happiness.

But at times we need to consider a different kind of clutter. I’m talking about the non-physical type of clutter that we all have in our lives. Today, I talk about mind clutter. The clutter that we have complicating our brain. More specifically, the negative thoughts that fill up our minds and fog our vision.

Unfortunately, for many of us, a cluttered mind can be a lot worse than a cluttered home or workspace. When your mind is cluttered with negative thoughts, you can easily feel stressed, anxious, restless, unfocused, and overwhelmed.

And we all know that the process of decluttering our homes isn’t always easy. But decluttering your mind, can seem almost impossible!  It’s not as if thoughts are just laying around, waiting for you to tidy them up. It’s not like you can just simply pick through them all, find the good ones that should be kept and then toss the unwanted ones in the donation box. I wish it were that easy. But the mind isn’t like an inbox that you can just sit down and sort through. It’s more complicated than that. Or is it?

Negative thinking patterns are something that I’ve struggled with many times throughout my life. Through my own experiences and with all the research that I’ve done over the years, I now want to share with you what I’ve learned when it comes to simplifying a mind that can easily be cluttered with negative thoughts.


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