Episode #17: Get Through a Bad Day With One Simple Mantra



Let’s face it, life is kinda complicated sometimes. I love helping people clear out the clutter in their homes, but I also love to help them simplify so many other areas of life. Life just isn’t always easy. Who doesn’t need a little more simplicity? And one of the main goals of simplifying your life is to – in some ways – help make it a little easier, a little more effortless. And therefore, ultimately, the goal of simplifying your life is to help you discover a greater sense of joy and happiness.

Quite often, while coaching my clients when it comes to simplifying each area of their life, we talk a lot about the hurdles and struggles of getting there. We take a look at specific things that get in their way, things that stop them from discovering the true freedom of simplicity… the things that tend to stop them from experiencing the happiness that comes from simplicity.

Now, there’s numerous different road blocks that prevent people from successfully simplifying their life, but I do find that there are common themes that I see quite often. In particular, I find that negative thinking patterns can really inhibit a person from finding joy and happiness in their life, no matter how much they simplify their homes, schedules, and to-do lists. Negative thinking habits can definitely prevent people from simplifying their life… and I love helping and coaching my clients with that particular hurdle.

So essentially, I help people de-clutter their mind. I help people let go of negative thinking habits and I help empower them to focus on positive ones. And I’ll tell you, it’s not easy. But it’s something so important and something I am very passionate about.

Now, you might be thinking, “Yup that’s totally me… I definitely need a little help with de-cluttering my mind.” Or you may not relate at all and feel like you really don’t struggle with negative thinking. But whether you have the habit of negative thinking or not, we have all experienced really hard days – or even weeks – when the feelings of worry, stress, anxiety, pain, or sadness overwhelm us. We’ve all been there! We’ve all felt crushed by those awful feelings. In this episode I give you one simple mantra that can help you get through those rough days… one mindset that I, myself, have practiced over the years that has gotten me through MANY tough times.


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