Episode #18: How to Stop Unwanted Junk Mail For Good!



In this day in age, you’d think that the technology and our world of digital everything would at some point replace paper coming into our homes. But nope, it’s just not the case! No matter how much we try to do online, paper just seems to keep piling up.

I could talk hours about how to take care of paper piles and how to organize good filing systems, but I only had 3 minutes for this “3 minute Thursday” episode, so I kept it super brief and short.

In this episode, I give you one quick tip on how to prevent paper from even coming into your home in the first place… specifically how to prevent it from coming into your mailbox.

The holiday season is just around the corner, and soon, you are going to be inundated with unwanted catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, donation requests, and other junk mail.

You see, most companies send you all that stuff because you because you most likely did business with them at some point in time. But many other companies send you mail because they bought your information from a data broker — who sells your information to any company looking to market to you.

Are you tired of all that unwanted junk mail? Want to declutter your mailbox? In this episode, I tell you about two great websites that can help.


Links Mentioned in this Show:

Catalog Choice Website: CatalogChoice.org

DMAchoice Website: DMAchoice.org


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