I am here to help you to simplify your HOME. I want to inspire you to simplify how your manage your TIME and your TO-DO LISTS. Through this show I want to help motivate you to simplify your MINDSETS to help you reach your goals in life. I also want to give you tips on how to simply your messy and complicated RELATIONSHIPS. And not only that, but every once awhile on the show I want to inspire you to simplify your HEALTH, which is the topic of today’s episode.

We all know that it’s healthy to drink plenty of water every day. But, for me, the problem is that I don’t enjoy drinking plain water.

So, I found a solution. It’s kinda different, but I wanted to share it with you. On today’s episode I give you a unique way to not only stay hydrated every day, but to also boost your health. And it’s super simple!


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