Episode #23: How to Exercise Without Really Exercising



I’m going to give you one strategy on how to improve your health and clean up your house, WITHOUT taking any additional time out of your schedule… sounds pretty amazing, right?

Back in episode #7 of Life Made Simple, I gave you My Ultimate 3-Day Jumpstart to Good Health. On Day 3 of the jumpstart plan I have you take time to schedule in movement, as in exercise. Why? Because we all know that some sort of physical activity is important… it’s what our bodies were designed to do! If we don’t use our muscles regularly, if we just sit around all day, they will begin to get stiff and not work as well, which then makes us feel sluggish, and can even make us feel depressed. No movement also leads to a lower metabolism and weight gain.

In that episode, I explain that if your health goals are to lose weight, build muscle, or get in shape, then you must schedule a few full body workout sessions. This could be going to the gym, hiring a trainer, joining a sports league, or even working out from home with a few workout videos.

But, I know that so many of us just don’t feel like we have the time to exercise. Or for some of you, if your honest with yourself, you just don’t WANT to exercise, because for whatever reason, you just don’t like it. Well, then this episode is for you!

And then there’s house cleaning and chores. Maybe you already have a really good exercise routine that you love. Maybe you actually enjoy making movement a priority in your life, but you completely  dread housecleaning and other mundane activities you have to do throughout your day.   I mean how many of us really love to clean house or pick up after our families? Well, then this episode is for you.

Exercise and housecleaning. Two things that most people dread and usually have a hard time making time for. On today’s episode I help you change your attitude about both of those activities. Like I said before, I’m going to help you to get healthier, thinner, and stronger while keeping your house clean, without changing a single thing in your schedule. How? Well, I am going to help you change your mindset and approach to both exercise and housecleaning, by – in a way – combining them. Like it says in the title of this episode, I’m going to teach you how to exercise without really exercising.


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