Episode #32: It’s Time To De-Clutter Your Holiday Decorations



If you’re listening to this episode on the day that it was released, then you know today is December 1st.  Thanksgiving has passed, and it’s now time to officially dive into the Christmas holiday season.  And I know for some of you out there, you took that dive somewhere in the beginning of November.

It seems like these days, people get so excited about Christmas they just can’t help themselves… the Christmas lights down our street keep popping up sooner and sooner each year. And for some of you, your decorations from last year have yet to come down. But ya know, to each his own!

On today’s episode I give you a little inspiration to de-clutter and clean out your Christmas decorations.  And keep in mind, even if you and your family don’t celebrate the Christmas holiday, you can still apply these tips to pretty much any holiday throughout the year!


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