Episode #33: Quick Fixes To Double Your Energy (PART 1)



We can try to get all the areas of our life in order (like our home, our finances, our to-dos and relationships), BUT if we don’t learn how to manage healthy habits – if we don’t feel good physically – how can we really enjoy our day to day life, whether we find the freedom of simplicity or not? Which is why every once in awhile we have an entire episode dedicated to your health.

On today’s episode of Life Made Simple, I give you a whole bunch of quick and easy tips on how to feel good. Specifically, I give you some strategies and techniques on how to double your energy. Super easy things that you can do today, to boost your mood and help you to feel like you can conquer the world!

Some tips may seem obvious, but you may not actually be in the habit of doing them yet. And some things, you may not have even thought of before.

I actually have so much I want to talk about on this subject, that we decided to break it up into two different episodes. So first check out this week’s Part 1 and then you can tune in to next week’s Monday episode #35 for the rest of it.

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