Episode #40: Always Moving Onward And Upward



When you embark on a journey of personal change – whether it be transforming your home, health, relationships, or anything in life – one of the common pitfalls is believing the idea that you are either good or bad. That you are either a success or a failure.

On today’s episode, I share with you a story about a long time client of mine who got really discouraged when she had a rough few weeks at work and allowed her house to get a little messy and out of control.

The fact is, you will always have up and down days. But during those down days, don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t just give up.

Here is the key to making good changes in your life:  No matter how good or bad your day is, just be sure you are always moving onward and trending upward and therefore always improving over time.

Imagine a traditional line graph chart of a business in growth mode… if you look at the details of the growth line, it has smaller jagged lines going up and down, but if you look at the graph as a whole, it’s in the long run trending upward. Ultimately, you can grow and improve without having to be perfect every single day.

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