Episode #39: (CarlaRae Confesses) I’m Drowning In Magazine Overload!



You might have noticed in the title of for today’s show it says “CarlaRae Confesses”. That’s because every month or so on Life Made Simple, we feature a special  segment when yours truly admits to an area of my own life where I’ve fallen short in the whole simplicity department… certain areas of life where even I need a little extra help in.

You’ve probably heard me talk about this before, but long before my days of being a Professional Home Organizer, I was actually a pack rat as a child. I was completely attached to everything I owned! Everything felt special to me and I wanted to keep it all.

I’m also a recovering overachiever who used to commit to WAY more than one person could possible handle. And to this day (you can ask my husband) I still sometimes bite off more than I can chew.

The fact is, in our crazy busy world it’s HARD to simplify. And there’s so much psychology behind it all! While I love helping all my client’s push past anything holding them back from discovering true simplicity in life, I too am on this journey as well with them. I’m learning how to navigate through all the chaos as well. I too am learning how to focus only on what really matters in my life, which of course means letting go of what doesn’t really matter… and that’s not always easy.

I’m not a perfectionist, I’m not a holy than thou expert. I am a student of my own teachings. We’re in this together! Which is why every once in awhile we feature an episode like this one called  “CarlaRae Confesses”.

So what do I confess on today’s episode? Well, there is one area of my life that has recently gotten a little out of hand (ok, so actually, to be honest, it’s gotten really out of hand). For this past year, I’ve been guilty of suffering from magazine overload. I have way too many magazines!

First, I tell you exactly how I got myself into this dilemma. And the fact is I LOVE reading magazines… which means solving my problem isn’t as easy as just tossing them all in the recycle bin. If you also love your magazine subscriptions, then you’ll probably appreciate some of the solutions I have for you to help manage the magazines that you do love to collect, read, and keep.

But then I also going to give you some very specific ways on how I plan to, not only let go of the majority of my magazine clutter, but exactly how I plan to prevent the problem from happening again. I tell you how I plan on stopping the madness once and for all!

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