Episode #38: Have A Hard Time Getting Out The Door?



When it’s time to leave the house, in the morning, when you’re on your way to work, to an event, or to drop the kids off at school, do you struggle getting out the door on time? Do you feel like you’re participating in an elaborate scavenger hunt every time you need to go somewhere or get something done?

On today’s “3 Minute Thursday” episode I share some tips to help you save a few minutes… and to help you save your sanity!

Want more info on how to be on time? Check out Episode #19 of Life Made Simple. In that episode, I confess to you about my own struggles with being habitually late and I give you a handful of practical solutions, tips, and techniques that I’ve applied to my own life that can definitely help you to be on time more often.

You should also check out the free downloadable printout I made for that episode. You can find the link for it at the bottom of my show notes or you can just text the word ONTIME (all one word with no spaces and no dashes) to 44222.

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Episode #19: “Always Late? Here’s What To Do About It!”


Free Download:  “How To Be More Punctual

Or send a text to 44222 with the word ONTIME


Free Guide:  “9 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Or send a text to 44222 with the word 9SIMPLIFY


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