Episode #42: CHALLENGE – 365 Things In 365 Days



We just celebrated New Years and we are now officially in the year 2017! Like most Professional Home Organizers and other Life Coaches, I love January! Yes, I always get a handful of new clients this time of year – people seeking help and support to help keep their New Years Resolutions – but that’s not the main reason I love January.

You see, in November during Thanksgiving we tend to focus on what we’re thankful for in life, the blessing and good things that have come our way. In December, the world celebrates holidays that are full of life, light, and hope. And then comes January… time to reflect, reassess where we are in life, and redirect. I love this month, because to me it represents a fresh start. I love the excitement and anticipation for what the next year will bring.

On our Monday episode of this week, I shared with you the New Year’s Resolutions and commitments I made for myself this year to help simplify my life. Today, for our short and brief “3 Minute Thursday” episode I propose a little challenge for you.

During this season, it’s almost inevitable that you will spend some time reflecting on what you want more of in your life during this coming year, whether it me more love, good health, joy, wealth, and so on. But, during this time of renewed expectations and dreams, I challenge you to also spend some time thinking about what you want to LET GO OF this coming year.

Every single day of this coming year, I encourage you to let go of 1 thing each day. It’s kind of a unique challenge called “365 Things in 365 Days”.  Check out today’s episode for more details.

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