Episode #43: PART 1 – How Do I Let Go of Gifts I Don’t Really Want? (Ask CarlaRae)


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Have you ever had this problem? Someone gives you something that you don’t really like – or you don’t really need – and yet somehow you feel bad about telling them. So you reluctantly keep it. You hold onto the gift, and out of obligation you allow it to take up space in your home. Or, you get the courage to return it to the store (if it’s returnable) yet then feel sheepish and guilty about it. And heaven forbid, the gift giver ever ask about the missing gift! Because I’m sure you would be mortified if you had to tell them you no longer have it.

Maybe it’s an issue of already having too many. Or maybe whatever it is it’s just “not your taste.” Or maybe it’s something you simply don’t have room for. Or it’s something you’ll probably never use.

Or maybe, you have an item that someone gave you a long time ago, that you really did love at some point, but you no longer use or enjoy it for whatever reason.

Or maybe the so-called gift is something that was once special to a member of your family that you have somehow inherited.

This is a dilemma we have all struggled with at some point in time. Over the years, there have been so many gifts that people have given my family that ended up  sitting around unused or crammed in the back of a closet or hidden in a box in the garage because I felt too guilty about returning or donating them. I totally get it! What do you do with gifts that you don’t want?

I actually have so many thoughts on the topic of gifts and guilt, that we decided to divide this episode into two different parts.  For this week’s episode, I talk about the awkward feelings we all feel when we receive an unwanted gift and how to navigate those feelings. Then, I talk about whether or not you should let go of unwanted or unused gifts. We also look at the guilt that inevitably comes with that and how to get past it.

For next week’s Part 2 episode, I’ll talk about whether or not you should tell the person that you’re letting the gift go, and what you can do if the gift giver has hurt feelings about it all. During Part 2, I’ll even give you some ideas on how to prevent unwanted gifts from coming into your home in the first place and how you can be a better gift giver yourself.


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