Episode #55: How To Live With Someone Who Won’t Change – “I Married A Pack Rat”


Do you know someone who either has too much stuff in their life? Or has a hard time letting go of their unused and unneeded items?  On today’s episode of Life Made Simple, I give you my thoughts on how to live with someone who could be considered a pack rat.

Now you may not actually live with someone who is a pack rat, but maybe you have one in your family.  Maybe you have parents who are pack rats.  Even if you don’t currently live with a pack rat, this episode is still for you.

And if you’re listening, and you don’t live with a pack rat, and you don’t have one in your family, and you don’t even know a pack rat at all, well, this episode is still for you.

All the things I talk about on today’s show are concepts that you can actually apply to ANY relationship in your life.  Any relationship where you struggle with wanting and wishing that the other person was different in some sort of way. Any relationship, particularly with someone you live with, where you wish they would make positive changes and for some reason, they just don’t. How do you peacefully live with someone who you so desperately want to change?



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