When you clean out your closet, why is it so hard to let go of clothing that for some reason you love, but will never actually wear?

What spurred this topic for me was my recent experience cleaning out my own closet. Every year just before summer, I take time to put away all my winter clothes and pull out all my summer wear. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest, half my fall and winter clothes stay in the closet year round, so that I can layer when needed.

Usually I clean out my closet and my son’s closet around April or May. But this year, I have to say, I didn’t clean out my own closet until a last weekend (which is mid July). According the National Weather Service, Seattle had its coldest winter season since 1984! And for some reason Jack Frost did not want to let go of spring. The sunshine and warm air didn’t begin to appear until late June and it’s still a lot cooler than usual.

So, when I finally made the time to clean out my closet, I was so ready. Now remember, if you’ve listened to the show before, I’ve been a home organizer for over 15 years, BUT, I am also a recovering pack rat. I have a hard time letting go, which is why I became a home organizer in the first place… to help other people explore the psychology behind clutter and chaos.

For some reason, clothes can be really hard for me to let go of. And this time, it wasn’t necessarily any easier than other times. But like I said, I was so ready. I was tired of looking in my closet full clothes yet feeling like I still had nothing to wear. I was ruthless. I was on a roll. That black bag filled up pretty quickly.

And why? Well, over the years I’ve learned how to develop a different relationship with my clothes. I’ve had to explore the psychology behind why I hang onto clothes that I love but never end up wearing. I confess, there were quite a few items that I’ve had for years, yet never wore. I used to justify keeping them, but this year I dug a little deeper.

When I came across a piece of clothing that for some reason I didn’t want to part with, yet knew I probably wouldn’t wear it, I asked myself a few questions. On today’s episode I share exactly what those questions are and what you can do with all those clothes that for some reason you love, but never wear, and just can’t let go of.


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