Life Made Simple is a podcast show dedicated to helping you simplify all areas of your life: your home, your time and to-do’s, your mindsets, your health, and even your messy relationships… which is what I talk about on today’s episode. While I’ve been a professional home organizer for over 15 years now, I am not a neat freak.

This weekend I was chatting with someone I had just met and after she asked what I did for a living she replied, “Your house must be perfectly clean and organized all the time.” Yes, I get that a lot. But no… I have no shame in saying that my house is never perfectly clean and organized.

Now technically if you looked in all our cupboards and closets they are definitely very organized… don’t get me wrong, everything we own has logical home, which of course is one of the keys to staying organized.

But the fact is I have a husband, a six year old son, a dog, and a full time job. The struggle is real. My house is far from perfect. Now, many years ago before I was married I was definitely considered a “neat freak” and my house was immaculate. I was obsessively tidy.

But now, nooooo way! It would be impossible to keep up with the steady stream of mayhem that flows through our house on a daily basis.

Now, I know that our home isn’t as bad as most… especially families with more kids. Luckily my husband isn’t a complete slob and he always helps with cleaning up the house when it gets out of control. I’ve also been training my son to pick up his toys and put his dirty clothes in the hamper. But he’s only six. I can really only expect so much. Years ago, for the sake of my sanity, I had to let go of my unrealistic expectations of keeping a perfectly tidy home

There is nothing more frustrating than living with a spouse, a child, or even a roommate whose messy habits thwart your own efforts to stay organized. And when you’re trying your hardest to simplify your home, trying to clean up after an untidy family member can be demoralizing. It’s easy to just want to throw in the towel and give up.

On today’s episode we look at how to live with a messy family member without going insane.


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