Life changes. It evolves. It advances. And as it does more things tend come into our lives. More stuff, more work, more technology, more distractions. We keep squeezing a little bit more in here and a little bit more in there. It happens to all of us. Our culture and society thrives off of the idea of “more”.

But then eventually, sometimes, we get to the point when life can get a little overwhelming. It can be hard to handle it all.

I know that we are almost programmed to believe that more is better. But today, I propose an alternative to this way of thinking. For the sake of peace of mind, serenity, joy, happiness, and true fulfillment (which we all strive for), I think we need to focus on less, not more.

Have less. Do less. And be more.

For today’s episode, I give you 7 things in your life that you can stop accumulating today in order to live a simpler, happier life… 7 things to have less of so that you can be more.


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