With big life changes and transitions, come big life lessons.

For the last six months, my family and I made some MAJOR changes in our diet. During this episode, I tell you all about that journey and all the random lessons I learned from it. It was actually very interesting how many of those lessons run parallel with other topics I often talk about on the show concerning organizing and simplifying your home and life.

My intention of this episode (and a few to follow) is to explore the mindsets behind healthy eating, as well as the habits and lifestyle changes that go along with it.

Please keep in mind, I am not a certified nutritionist, dietitian and I am for sure not a doctor. The information I share with you on this show is based off of my own personal experience and many years of research. So as you hear me share strategies and techniques that have worked for me, keep in mind that everyone is different… your experience and views may not be the same as mine, and that’s of course, totally ok.





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