It seems these days that our society has a ‘busier is better’ attitude. Most of us buy into the idea that if we’re not stressed out with a crazy busy life, then somehow we’re not doing enough.

But the stress that comes with being crazy busy is not healthy. Somehow the madness needs to stop! Julie Morgenstern, who’s the author of Time Management From the Inside Out  says that “one of our biggest stressors is the ticker tape of tasks that runs through our head.” Can you relate to that? I love that description! A ticker tape of tasks. Sometimes that ticker tape doesn’t stop, even in the middle of the night when I’m trying to get some much needed shut eye.

So what’s the solution to a crazy busy life? Well, we need to figure out a way to simplify our to-do lists.

But you can’t simplify your to-do list if you don’t even have a to-do list. And that, my friend, is a subject that I can talk for hours about! In fact, we have it on the schedule to create an entire course for Simplicity University dedicated to creating and managing to-do lists. So stay tuned.

On today’s episode I give you one particular strategy that can help manage all your to-dos no matter what kind of to-do list you have. I explain to you the Four D’s of Productivity.


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