Since we first launched, the show has received so much feedback…  and I love hearing from everyone! Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! It has truly been an amazing nine months.

Since Life Made Simple first aired, we’ve definitely had a bunch of random episodes that we’ve thrown out there covering all areas of life that we all strive to simplify. But after analyzing all the stats and download details, there are a few particular ones that have been our most popular and talked about episodes.

Today, for any of our ongoing listeners as well as for all our new listeners, it’s time to play some catch-up.  Today I take a couple minutes to go back and tell you about those specific episodes that our listeners seem to like more than most. Consider it to be “Throwback Thursday” and for fun I even make it a countdown for you.

Here they are:

10. Episode #19: Always Late? Here’s What To Do About It (CarlaRae Confesses)

9.   Episode #21: Here’s Your Closet Clean-Out Action Plan!

8.   Episode #23: How to Exercise Without Really Exercising

7.   Episode #47: How Do Digital Distractions Impact Your Life?

6.   Episode #13: How to Simplify Your Relationships When Things Get Messy

5.   Episode #51: A Must-Have Tool To Stay Motivated Everyday

4.   Episode #42: 365 Things In 365 Days

3.   Episode #7: The Ultimate 3-Day Jumpstart to Good Health

2.   It’s a tie! Episode #53: Pack Rat or Hoarder? What’s The Difference? (Ask CarlaRae)

and  #55: How To Live With Someone Who Won’t Change – “I Married A Pack Rat”

1.   #5: Top Organizing Strategies and Secrets Revealed!



Be sure to stay tuned for all our future episodes coming up! We have a bunch of great stuff lined up for you. We have a brand new episode every Monday, as well as our “3 Minute Thursday” episode later in the week.

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